357 by KillShots (Speed 5 & 8)



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Manufacturer Description
The slow side of the 357 is our players material, that plays at the speed of a 5.

The slick side of the 357 is the popular synthetic material that plays at the speed of an 8.

Anyone who knows Killshots, or has been around competitive Cornhole knows that this is not only one of the best selling bags for Killshots Cornhole, but also one of the best selling bags of ALL TIME! That is for good reasoning, it is one of the most versatile bags on the market that allows you to hit EVERY single skill shot! You can roll, cut, bounce, and block with these thanks for our coveted players material on the slow side! The slick side, while not overpowering is slick enough to push multiple bags in the hole! Both sides offer great hole friendliness and the Gen 3 version combines this greatnesses with the BEST FEELING 357 yet! Soft to the touch, compacting in the hand, but not around the hole for MAX playability and hole friendliness!


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