Killshot MOB (Speed 3 & 6)




All bags ship day of or next business day! Qty 1 = 4 bags. Call us with any questions 316-531-1300

Manufacturer Description
The slow side material of these bags, is KillShots MOB carpet which is going to play at a 3 on the speed scale

The slick side material of these bags is KillShots Slide Material! Which is going to play at a 6 on the speed scale!

The M.O.B Acronym stand for MOTHER OF BOUNCE! This bag will allow you to bounce right over anything that is in front of the hole! KillShots developed a custom blend of resin over months and months of extensive research for these gen 3 MOBS. They will offer a great feel and also the ability to bounce, cut, and roll your bags over anything in is way. If you’re a roll bag player, you’re going to LOVE these bags!


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