Premium 1 Hole Washer Toss Game (24x24in) – Free Shipping!


2000 in stock


This listing comes with a complete set, 2 washer boards and 2 sets of red and blue washers! Manufacturer Description “These washer boards are a compact version of our full size boards. Our board design and craftsmanship remains fully intact with our take on the small inverted box games! Our proven premium board design with signature features like a full 1″ thick exterior grade baltic birch frame, and our convenient rope carrying system. * 18″ x 18″ Bantam Size Slanted Playing Surface * 1/2″ Exterior Grade Plywood Top * Signature 1″ Thick Exterior Grade Baltic Birch Frame * Constructed with Exterior Grade Screws for Durability * 3″ Hole for 2.5” Outside Diameter Washers * Rope Handle & Slot for Easy Carrying of the Set

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