Velcro Backpack (holds 6 sets) – Free Shipping!



HOLDS UP TO 6 CORNHOLE BAG SETS – Our premium cornhole velcro backpack can hold up to 6 cornhole 4 bag sets.
DOUBLE COMPARTMENT – Our double compartments makes it easier for you to organize your cornhole bags. Easily access either side individually or both sides at the same time. When both compartments are unzipped, the velcro flaps secure together to keep the compartments opened and easily accessible.
SIDE POCKET STORAGE – Each side of the bag has extra storage pockets. Easily store your keys, wallet, phone, cornhole bag measurement tool, sac relax, sun glasses, or other items you choose.
PHONE POCKETS – The top of each side pocket has a phone storage pocket. Simply push your phone into the pocket and the elastic bands will firmly grip the phone. There is even a headphone cord passthrough port located at the top of the side pocket. If you want to store your phone inside the side pocket, you can pass your headphone cords through the port so you can listen to your music on the go.

Manufactured by Cornhole Ace

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