Villain by KillShots (Speed 6 & 10)



All bags ship day of or next business day! Qty 1 = 4 bags. Call us with any questions 316-531-1300

Manufacturer Description
The slow side of the Villain is our blast material which is going to play at a 6 speed and have a little more grip in the feel of it.

The slick side is our unmatched glass material which is going to play at a 10 speed.

This bag is very much improved in the Gen 3 version! The hole friendliness of this bag somehow got better over the gen 2 version. This is crazy for a bag that was already super hole friendly. The Gen 3 fill made it just that much better, with a overall smaller and thinner profile than the gen 2 counterpart, these things will MELT in the hole from any direction. If you throw these bags anywhere near the middle of the board they will be sure to find the hole! This is why we named this series the villain, because your opponents very well may look at you that way for using these bags!


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