Widow by Ultra (Speed 6 & 8)




The Widow has been tailored to be slightly firmer and slower than the Viper bag. The fast side is similar to the fast side of the Cobra bag. The slow side is similar to the fast side of the Cobra bag but it has the patent pending Speed Control technology pressed into them. The Speed Control on the Widow is slightly more than on the Viper. So you can expect the bag to play slower on both sides compared to the Vipers. Remember, the side with the Stars is the slower side (in most conditions). Speed Control is an array of dots that are arranged in a specific pattern to slow the speed down to a level near that of the X. The primary difference is the flex of the fabric is better and the friction around the edges are minimal. What this means is the bag is more capable of slipping into the hole. It is better at working around bags and going in the back door. It is more forgiving when the bag lands slightly on edge. This bag has been designed to be loose and forgiving but also controllable in the hand. Give this bag about 10-20 games to break in.


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